Writing Grammatical Wrongs

August 13, 2010

Hooray for Teacher’s!

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The subject line of an email from an old friend read: I thought of you first. Gosh, I haven’t seen her for a couple of years, I thought to myself as I clicked to open the email. What made her think of me? Was it an 80s song on the radio? A flashback to the days of shoulder pads and leg warmers? What could it be?

“I pulled up to a stoplight behind a car with a license plate frame that read, ‘Teacher’s Make Other Professions Possible’,” her email stated. She saw poor grammar and thought of me. After all these years, she still knows me well.

After a quick giggle, I couldn’t help but wonder about the owner of the vehicle upon which the offending license plate frame was mounted. Was the teacher driving around unaware that she was propagating poor grammar? If so, that would be a crime. After all, if I ever found myself wondering if I needed an apostrophe or not, I might consult with a teacher. Or her license plate frame. Anyone pulling up behind her might mistakenly assume that plural nouns require an apostrophe followed by an s, because there is a teacher in front of them proclaiming it to be so. Oh dear!

Of course, if she was aware of the grammatical error on her license plate frame, well… I guess I can just hope she’s a math teacher. Oh how I wish my friend had taken down the license plate number so I could track down the owner, investigate, and provide her with a quick lesson in basic grammar.

Here’s a quick tip to help teachers, drivers, and adults everywhere. If you have two or more of something, just add an “s” (or add “es”, depending on the word, but that’s a different post). No apostrophe is needed.


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